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“Avenue Car Rentals” Terms and Conditions

Drivers should be at least 23 years old with a valid drivers’ license, issued at least 1 year before. For certain of our car groups, the minimum age is 25 years and a valid drivers’ license issued 3 years prior.  We accept driving licenses from any EU country, and International Form licenses for countries outside the EU. In addition to the driver’s license, you will need to another form of ID (usually Passport, or National ID or), as well as one valid personal credit/debit card.

Maximum/Minimum Rental Period

All our cars may be rented for a minimum lease period of 1 day and a maximum of 30 days, both in-office, or via our online booking platform. Shorter than 1 day or longer than 30 days rental periods, may be possible after prior contact with our agency.

Rental Cost Pay-off Policy

We require all our drivers to pay-off the total rental cost (number of days + safety deposit) prior to receiving the leased vehicle. If you are booking your car through our online platform, we require a 30% remittance of the total sum, the remainder to be paid-off no later than when you receive the vehicle from our agency. After the rental car has been returned and inspected for its condition, we will reimburse you the safety deposit sum (adjusted after deductions if any, for identified damages incurred to the vehicle during the rental period, amounting up to and not exceeding the driver’s liability threshold for the leased vehicle’s car group).

Methods of Payment

We offer credit/debit card (Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Mastercard), PayPal, or cash payment options. For cash payments in particular, we still require the driver to present a valid credit/debit card for the safety deposit.  In case no credit/debit card, or PayPal account is available, you may still rent a car from groups A, B, C, D, E, E1 and G. The total rental cost, as well as the minimum security deposit of €450 would need to be paid in advance.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Vehicle Inspection

Upon presented with the car, it is important to inspect the condition of the vehicle together with a representative from “Avenue Car Rentals”. Any pre-existing signs of “Wear-and-Tear”, including but not limited to, scratches and dents, should be reported to avoid being wrongly charged for damages not incurred by you. You will be asked to sign a relevant “Fair Usage” form upon booking and upon the return of the vehicle

Rental Price Inclusives

The following are included by default in the rental rates for all our vehicles:


Additional Driver

150 km/day (Unlimited mileage, for 4-day rentals or longer)

FREE Pick-up/Drop-off service at customer-designated location (within Athens city centre)

Mixed Insurance with liability sum (CDW)

Fire and Theft protection with liability sum (FTP)

24hr Customer Support phone service

24/7 Roadside Assistance with Nation-Wide Coverage

FREE Baby Seats and Snow Chains (Requested upon Booking)

FREE Replacement Vehicle of same or higher group, in case of mechanical failure or accident, not by fault of the driver

Depending on your quote from “Avenue Car Rentals”, the following may also be included:

  • Unlimited Km
  • Extended Mixed Insurance with significantly reduced liability sum (ECDW)
  • GPS Navigation equipment

Maritime Transport of Vehicle

There is no extra cost for transporting the rented vehicle by ship to your destination, however we ask all our drivers to notify us at least 3 days in advance of their intended maritime transport dates, as you would require written consent from “Avenue Car Rentals” for ferrying the leased vehicle by ship. Failing the above prior notification to our agency, entails the risk of being charged for any damage incurred to the rented vehicle while onboard, regardless of liability.

Vehicle Pick-Up/ Drop-Off Options

We operate a free-of-charge delivery/collection service of the rented vehicle to any location of the drivers’ convenience within Athens Central (including Piraeus Port). We also offer pick-up/drop-off at Athens International Airport, Out-of-hours service, as well as Nationwide Pick-Up/Drop-Off through our affiliates network. Our agency offers to all drivers of our rental cars a level of flexibility for changing the pick-up/drop-off location of the initial agreement, after contacting our office at least 2 days prior to the pick-up/drop-off date, whichever’s location needs amending. For delivery/collection of the leased vehicle to any location outside Athens Central (and Piraeus Port), out-of-hours service, as well as changing the pick-up/drop-off location of the initial agreement, additional charges may apply.  We strongly advise to contact us in advance, so that we may inform you of any such surcharges.

Additional Equipment Charges

Baby/Child seats, snow chains, and luggage racks are provided free of charge if requested upon booking of the vehicle, and are subject to availability. Should such accessories be requested after commencement of the car rental period, they will be provided upon availability and additional charges may apply. GPS Navigation equipment is provided at a daily fee of €4/day with a maximum total fee of €35.

Additional Drivers and Charges

If more than one driver wish to be added for a particular leased vehicle from our agency, they should be clearly stated upon booking, and declared in the rental agreement so they may be covered by the vehicle insurance policy. Across all cars in our fleet, there is no extra cost for including a second designated driver. For any additional drivers above 2, they can be included, at a fee of €3/per driver per day, and a maximum of 5 drivers are allowed per vehicle. Every additional driver needs to meet the same requirements as the primary driver, as mentioned in “What are the types of driving licenses you accept, and minimum required age for renting a car?

Extending/Cancelling the Rental Agreement

You may cancel your booking or rental agreement at any time. We strongly suggest all drivers to notify our office at least 5 days ahead of the current rental start/end date, for their intent to cease the agreement, so that we may inform you of any potential surcharges that may be incurred.

The vehicle insurance policy covers the driver of the leased vehicle for the initially agreed rental period.  In the event you wish to extend your rental agreement, we advise to contact our agency at least 2 days prior the expiration of your current lease contract, so that we may let you know about the availability of the vehicle, any amendments to the rental cost that apply, and renew the leased vehicle’s insurance coverage date.

Rental Vehicle Insurance Options

All our rental cars are covered by mixed insurance, which is included in the default rental rate. Mixed Insurance is a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with limited excess/deductible also referred to as driver’s liability sum. Excess/deductible is the amount you may have to pay in case of damage to the body of the leased vehicle by your fault during your rental period. The excess sum varies depending on car group. Please note the following parts are NOT covered by the insurance:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Windows and mirrors
  • Undercarriage
  • Engine
  • Car’s interior
  • Flat battery
  • Personal belongings
  • Lost keys
  • Extras, such as GPS, child seats or ski racks
  • Towing charges


The driver may choose to minimize the excess amount further by opting for our Extended Mixed Insurance /Extended Collision Damage Waiver (ECDW). This insurance option reduces significantly, but does not eliminate, the driver’s liability sum, and further extends to cover windows, mirrors, wheels and tyres.

All insurances are void, if the driver is ruled to have not been complying with the current driving law and regulations, effective in Greece.

Rental Car Fuel Tank Policy

At the end of the rental period, the driver is expected to return the leased vehicle with the same amount of fuel as received from our agency. In case fuel in the car tank upon return is less than the initial amount, our agency reserves the right to charge the driver for this difference, at the current average fuel rate per litre in Athens, Greece.

In cases where the rental car is returned with excess fuel than what it was received with, our agency is under no direct obligation to reimburse any fuel cost difference. Nevertheless, we will aim to do so should a valid original receipt from the most recent refueling of the vehicle prior to the end rental date, is retained and produced upon return.

Late Drop-Off Time Window and Charges

We take under consideration that there are many factors which may inevitably impact on the return time of your rented car. To account for such instances, we offer a free-of-charge 1.30hr (one hour and a half) leeway on top of the return time of each vehicle as it appears on the rental agreement, the extended return time not exceeding our normal business hours. Past this time window, and in the absence of prior contact to our agency, the driver will be charged with an additional day’s rental cost, at the current rental rate, unless otherwise agreed with our agency.

In the perpetual absence of contact past this point, our agency may be prompted to file a vehicle theft report and to other legal measures for securing the safe return of the rental car, the cost of such proceedings being charged to the driver of the vehicle in question.

Rental Vehicle Replacement

If you are not satisfied with your rental, or in case of a mechanical failure, or accident, either of the latter not by your fault (and provided you have been driving with caution and with the appropriate preemptive measures in place, prior to the incident), our agency will replace your vehicle with another of the same or higher group at the initial rental agreement’s rate. If the mechanical failure, or accident are ruled to have been caused due poor driving behavior on your part and/or not complying to the current driving laws and regulations effective in Greece, our agency is not obligated to replace the damaged leased vehicle. If the vehicle is replaced under such circumstances, our agency does not guarantee the same rental rate as the initial agreement.

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